playlist size at the bottom of ENGINE more information about


more information about playlist size at the bottom of ENGINE Prime. is this possible in the next update? can be very useful to know if your tracklist fits on your USB stick.check photo and look at the bottom (sorry can not upload my photo)


So it will show how many tracks are there, but I’m guessing you mean memory size? I will pass this onto our Engine Prime Development team :slight_smile:


I think hé means the Total filesize of the playlist. Total number of files, and how much space it will need on a usb stick. And if i might add my two cents, i would like to see Total play time too! Thanks so much!


Yes memory size! then you know immediately whether it fits on the stick:hugs:


Thank you for your very valid suggestion - It has been passed on :slight_smile:


Thanks RAO.DJ Total filesize of the playlist, just like in iTunes