Playlist export to cue sheet

I love the fact that in Prime we can now export the history into individual .csv files, does anyone have any clue how to convert these to either Serato playlists or cue sheets? I dropped a mix onto Mixcloud and the exported sheet was only marginally more useful than writing each one in individually.

Hey Yeltsin

Try using M3u export instead.

Step 1 - Export list as M3u

Step 2 - Drag list to empty space at bottom of Serato’s playlists. It will appear there as a playlist.

Step 3 - Profit??

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Thanks for this AIRVince, sorry to be thick. Am I dragging this into Setaro, Mixcloud or Playlists (online Serato)?

Ah sorry. Drag those puppies directly into the Serato application.

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