Playlist creation issues

I’m very new to digital DJ equipment having been only on vinyl for 15 years. I bought an MCX8000 on July 18 I used Engine software from July to October I just about go the hang of it and its good points and bad points

I then saw that Engine Prime was available for the mcx8000. I spend all of November uploading my tunes to this new software.

I then created my first playlist from a crate I then dragged it to the playlist folder on the USB.

On the old Engine software, it creates …

Denondj2 and 4 subfolders [history, playlist, recent, ddj music & egiwork]

On the Engine Prime software it creates Engine library with one folder “Music” and you cascade down to the mp3s or WAVs etc.

There seems to be no playlist, history or recent folders and

sure enough, when I put my memory stick into the controller I can only find folders with the mp3/wavs minus q points.

There are no playlists.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong

You need to watch the MCX8000 + Engine Prime video.

You didn’t enable MCX8000 compatibility and didn’t export the files on the usb stick using the designated button for MCX8000 export.

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