playlist bpm keeps changing

Please be patient - I am very new to mixing =)

so I’ve put my playlist together after making sure the beat grids are in the right place (I’m mixing jungle) - I then set my bpm where I want it (86) and then lock the beatgrid - but when I come back to the track it keeps changing to 86.5 0r 84 or whatever, seems to be influenced by the next track in my playlist which I also set to 86bpm - I want all my tracks at 86 - but they keep changing and I feel like I must be missing something really obvious -

please can somebody help me =)

All tracks are not the same BPM.

Engine Prime analyses the BPM and gives you the correct value.

If you want to do a 86bpm fixed set, load a track let’s say it’s 84, move your pitch fader to 86, load next track on opposite deck (or next layer) adjust pitch fader to 86.

Jungle is massive

thanks mufasa =)

it would be nice if prime would let me decide the bpm lol!

You can …

When your track is about the middle, you can increase the bpm value a bit by pitching the track up. (Not much … just a slight bit … just 2 or 3 BPM) … then search a track which is close to the new BPM Value, and set this track also to the new desired BPM of the playing track … so you can have nice smooth mix with variable BPM´s … you can go further if you choose tracks with double or half bpm … naaaah not at 86 BPM but maybe if you try 60 BPM you can mix that with 120 BPM and so on.

You will get the clue by trying :wink:

86 BPM … hmmm maybe a rave track or breakbeat matches then xDDD