Playing/Looping same track on separate channels - Feature requests for firmware -

I have the X1800 and SC5000s. Great product, and still getting used to them after using technics 1200’s or 3*SC3900’s and manually syncing the tempo for a long time. Thanks for the great innovative products.

Two feature requests for future firmware releases of the SC5000:

  1. “Layer B to operate as Layer A Loop Mode layer” - If I have a track going, I’d love to go to the B layer and be able to just start looping the track thats on the A layer on the B layer at the spot its at without affecting layer A. If the layer B screen gave you the option to do this it would be great for performances. i.e. the B layer has a mode which is just for doing loop performances on the A layer.

  2. Also, it would be great if we could more easily play the same track (synced) on multiple channels. I’d like to have the ability to easily have the same track playing on both layers of my SC5000 in sync. i.e. play pressed at the start at the same time, or able to catch up to where the other deck is up to and play it at that spot so we can have different channel settings on the same part of the music. i.e. FX, filter colour fx, EQ. Understand you can do that by plugging the SPDIF of layer A into Channel 1 digital in and the coaxial of layer A into Channel 2 coaxial but this does not help with looping. I believe the hardware should be capable of doing this on any amount of connected decks and layers.

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