Platter doesn't function properly in vinyl mode

Hello all, Just bought an MCX8000 and all was well until I tried to activate “vinyl” mode on platters. It will not operate as vinyl but still works in non vinyl mode. If I turn the vinyl mode of and then press and HOLD the button, then it operates properly. I have all the latest firmware and updates, It does this when using Serato or in standalone mode. Help. Did I miss something or do I need to return it?

Hi @DJWarlock817,

This could be a hardware problem. I’ll have one of our Tech Support agents reach out to take a closer look.

Hello you have tried to change the sensitivity of the jogwheel in the “utility” menu to access it must hold down the key 2 to 5 seconds! For my part I set the sensitivity to 4 and since the vinyl function function perfectly and can scratch without worry latency

Is there any update on this topic. I just received it and the vinyl mode don’t work with Serato or Engine?

If you just bought the unit, verify the firmware version first. Many units come with version 1.5 installed and require an update to version 2.1. Install the latest firmware update, let it finish, wait until the unit reboots itself and try again to test the functionality of the platters. First verify with platter sensitivity set to zero, then increase the value until they respond properly. You can remove the protective film from the platters to use them.