Pitch bend sc5000


I saw someone said the track pitch jog bend was now fixed…in that it is even in both directions on the sc5000 in firmware 1.4… release notes don’t mention that other than you can now adjust it… Where does it say they fixed it please?

It’s symmetrical and adjustable now in overall sensitivity. I don’t know that they ever publically acknowledged the asymmetry or not.

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I thought it was, I’ve noticed when I use it but weird they didn’t say it wasn’t in the first place

Thank you reti

On a side note, I’m not entirely certain if the maximum available bend possible with high rotation rates is changing with the less sensitive settings. I need to check that a little more. Seems to be hard to get a high pitch bend at those settings. That might be the only remaining aspect that could use improvement, but, again, needs more testing on my part. Seems like at the lowest setting I find myself having to use the pitch fader for larger amounts. I found going up from the least to the second to least sensitive setting (medium?) helped a little bit at the expense of the finest finesse possible on the jog bend. You find that to be the case?

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