Pitch adjust lock removal

Ok I’m probably being stupid but how can I make my pitch control sliders wake up so they act like a normal turntable They seemed to be locked but if I wiggle them up and down they wake up and then I can use them.

I suggest you read the manual. That’s normal behaviour.

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I tried but I still can’t work it out I thought it could be something to do with sync being on as it says in the manual but I am having no luck I might be using the wrong terminology

It’s called soft takeover, if you want to Google it.

Soft take over

If auto-sync has forced the deck to go to +12.34% to match a track, you have to slide the pitch control to a position of +12.34 so that the physical pitch control once again matches the software pitch.

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What’s up @Tommot,

Are you describing something that happens when using the Sync feature? Please elaborate.


I think that when I mix tracks that are quite far away in bpm the pitch control freezes and I can’t move the pitch until I push it to the bpm of the track I’m using I usually just wiggle the pitch up and down and it unfreezes but also takes the pitch higher which is jarring Is there any way of knowing what the original bpm is without going into the crate section ? I think that’s what it is anyway soft take over as the previous reply’s have informed me

I’m not a Sync user, however, I did perform a test.

I noticed that when using Sync, the playing deck is locked onto the previous BPM and can not be altered.

It appears that the work around is to take Sync off the decks and when you load a new track on the Cue deck, you’ll be able to change the BPM on that deck.

I’m assuming that you would like to remove the software override and have the ability to adjust the BPM on the Playing deck, AND/OR, change the P4 display to show both the actual and altered BPMs of the tracks currently loaded.

I would recommend that you submit Feature Requests for these if they haven’tt already been submitted.

At current versions (1.5.2 or 1.6b2) when you activate SYNC in two decks they are linked together and when you move the slider of a deck you will change the tempo of both decks together. Then if you move the cursor of a deck following the direction of the green arrows until it locks into the current setting, you can change the speed of both decks again.

If you have a big difference in BPM between the two tracks you will have to increase the tempo adjustment range, otherwise when you move the cursor to reach the point indicated by the green arrows you will not be able to reach it because it is beyond the maximum point.

What you need is the “Tempo reset” function as it is on all Pioneer consoles: when it is pressed after mixing, it will cause the tempo of the new track to gradually return to its original setting. There are already requests about it in the appropriate section.

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