Phono Input Quality & FX quesions Vinyl Turntable

Almost pre-ordered the Pioneer 1000SRT but found out that the phono input quality is not up to par to the DJM mixer line. It is stated by one of the Pioneer reps on their forum. So now was looking at the x1800 mixer but I would have liked to have a controller as well.

So, I did have the MC7000 for a couple of months before I sold it as it did not have any hardware effects for my turntables. Now I am wondering if I could have used the software fx for my vinyl?

Anyways, that’s a done deal. Now that the 1000SRT is out of the picture, I am looking at the MC8000 and wondering what the quality of the phono input? I did rip one record on the MC7000 and it sounded good. I mixed records on the MC7000 and they too sounded good, but never really questioned the phono input quality.

Since the MC8000 is a step up from the MC7000 and it does have I think 3 hardware fx that can be applied to vinyl records, this is sort of a selling point. So


  1. is the phono input of a high quality? 2.Even though there are 3 hardware fx and Denon has confirmed I can apply those fx to my vinyl record turntables, can I apply other fx from the software to my vinyl records?

Thanks a bunch in advance

Great sound outpout and YES the 3 FX work on vinyl turntables. Here’s a link to a all vinyl mix that it did a few month back using the MCX8000.

  • Cheers!
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Oh, wow. Now this is a demo I was looking for. I knew my MC7000 sounded very good before I sold it. I did rip some vinyl through the MC7000 and I thought at least to my ears that the rip sounded good. I sold it only due to no hardware effects. I dont need a milliong fx on a mixer but at least 3 I can work with. I think I just changed my mind from the x1800 to MC8000. I do want a controller as well.

Great selection of house music and love your setup.

Thank you and glad to help :slight_smile:

Dope mix thanks for for sharing. Quick question: do you have any videos where you are mixing vinyl yo and some digital tracks also? Curious how that setup handles that!

Thanks! Ross

The inputs were fine when I had an mcx8000 and a pair of numark ttx-1 vinyl players on them. Can’t run any of the fx onto the externally connected devices from what I recall.

I think the high pass filter/low pass filter worked on external connected devices though but that was a couple of years ago when I stopped using mcx and bought full primes, so I might be recalling that filter use wrong

I don’t have a video but yes you can seemlessly switch from Serato, to Vinyl, to Standalone. You can’t do this with the Prime 4 & 2 as of now.

UPDATE: I Just did a review video. Check it out.