Packing failed on new ssd

hello, bought myself a new portable ssd drive . samsung T5 ssd 500gb i went ahead and copied everything over to the new drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. all went well so i opened EP. all files were showing but when i wanted to add a song/folder it said packing failed . i have no reason why, i formatted the disk in exfat with mbr. exactly the same as my old drive with is a seagate . how do i fix this ?

Typically if you clone a disk it will include the formatting of the original disk. So whatever you formatted it to would typically have been overwritten.

I think EP uses distributed data, which is to say it will look for each track wherever it is stored when it was added. So perhaps the new disk got a new disk letter? And now EP is looking for tracks at the old letter where the Seagate was?

Hmm, don’t know , just tested it with my backup disk wich is also a copy of the seagate , no problems there . Think i am going to wipe the ssd clean and start over , maybe there was a glitch in in the formatting/packing that caused thus behavior?

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Certainly possible.

All is good now👍 Erased the ssd and started all over. Used an other program to copy all content over from my backup disk , must be something with CCC that went wrong.

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