Original Engine library not recognized in Engine Prime

I have used the original Engine to manage my music for my MCX8000 for years and I have now decided to upgrade to Engine Prime to manage my playlist and crates. For some reason the external SSD does not show my files (music, crates, playlist, etc) in Engine Prime. AM I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Jason

No. You cant use Engine Library in Engine Prime.

You gotta start afresh.

Maybe you could open both programs side by side, Drag crates/playlist from Engine to Engine Prime

Maybe a conversion software could be written now that. Inversion software from rekordbox is worth zilch now.

What has rekordbox got to do with the OPs question?

Coz maybe now that conversion software can’t convert rekordbox any more, the firms and back room boys offering conversion software might want to look for some of the more minor avenues of revenue to add value to their conversion software by offering old engine database conversion to new engine prime


I don’t think its a viable venture though. How many people actually used the old Engine?

Oh I agree. It’s not worth it if it’s a lot of work to do but it might be just a few hours work and add an extra string to a bow that’s lost a lot of value almost overnight.

I’m sure they will break the encryption.

Not sure why Pioneer felt the need to do this in the first place.

Denon DJ could create a separate, one way companion tool, Engine to Engine Prime. They made both programs.

But is the juice worth the squeeze?

Prob Not. Engine was only 2900/3900 and 8000 and the 8000 got given its own little ‘meet me halfway” firmware compatibility with engine prime

I was using the original engine until I made the original post on the forum. I now have a very nice Prime 4 controller and a ton of old original engine crates and playlist that I need to move over to prime. I have allot of time and money invested in this like many of you also do. I feel Denon needs to provide a solution for this even if its only for 3900 and MCX8000 users. We are still using Denon products and have remained brand loyal. So maybe a solution could me made. I have dozens of hours in building these old list and to have to “start over” is a load of junk. Im just asking for help here… Could there be another way like putting the list in rekordbox (which I am unfamiliar with). then importing to to Prime ?? Thanks

As “dozens of hours” isn’t likely to get a second glance from Denon , maybe you should put up a forum poll to ask how many other forum users are in the same situation like they’ve got 2900 or 3900 and want to move up to a Prime but don’t want to lose their existing works.

If that vote goes well, it might be worth asking denon again, or maybe even ask forum member Christiaaan, who writes Rekordcloud conversion software which is going to include engine prime conversion soon. The old engine database has got to be simpler than the hi-tech Engine prime one. That’s worth a try too!

That’s a bummer for you and others in your shoes.

Send an email directly to denon dj. See if they can write a simple script even it’s going to be a command line thing that will do a migration in one swoop.

Even if it’s just playlists/crates only. It’s better than nothing I suppose.Even it’s from the old engine to XML or something.