One-Hit/Mono/Poly Modes

Let me preface this by stating that if this thread is better suited as a post in the “Feature Requests” thread, please feel free to move it.

I mentioned in another post weeks ago that I plan on utilizing one of the Layers of the SC5000 as a “Sampler” deck, in that the “track” would consist of several one-shot sounds (ex: risers, impacts, drones, etc.) and loops, all which have been assembled and gridded in Ableton for consistency and then defined respectively in Engine Prime.

This idea got me thinking a bit deeper over the past couple weeks. Software samplers in DAWs enable a user to define how the sampler should react when a key is pressed. The EXS24 in Logic, for example, enables the user to define if the sounds should be played mono (single sound, ex: one-shot), poly (multiple sounds simultaneously, ex: chords, multi-drum hits) and Legato (mono + envelope retriggering for staccato). Having said that, are there plans in the pipeline to include some kind of advanced sampler mode that will allow the user to create their own sound banks (ex: drum kits, sampled notes/bass/chords), assign the specific sounds to the SC5000 pads and then determine the behavior of the pads (ex: mono or poly)–essentially turning the SC5000 into a micro-Maschine/MPC for live performance? For reference, I’m not thinking in terms of some type of complex multi-velocity Kontakt-esque sampled instruments, rather, simple user made sounds 10 seconds or less.

I know it’s a bit of a reach and quite possibly beyond the limits of the the SC5000 processing/CPU power (or the product’s intent/vision for that matter), but I figured I’d throw it out there into the wild. :slight_smile:

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Could this be the surprise feature thats buzzing around and might be the cause of the delayed launch?! :heart_eyes:

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The utility menu allows the pads to be set to “Momentary” or “Trigger” to set their behaviour when in pause mode. This allows the creative DJ to set the pads to “Momentary” and effectively play the pads as drums, with the sound only playing from each pad for as long as the pad is held. Choosing the “Trigger” option allows the pad to carry on playing its sound even after the pad has been released.

Ah yes, I’m more than familiar with the lovely Pad modes of the SC5000. I was merely proposing the idea to expand beyond the intended momentary/trigger pad behavior into a more expansive, sampler-esque realm. For example, a separate “Advanced Sampler” mode that enables us sampler/synth junkies/users to treat the SC5000 as a sampler containing options like Pitch Play and/or ADSR with the pads used to play said samples.

Obviously this may beyond the scope of what the SC5000 can do…however, given the immense processing power under the hood, I figured it was an idea worth bringing up. I actually crafted some GUI comps I’d be happy to share with you and the team (privately) if you were at all interested in seeing the method to the madness I had envisioned. :slight_smile:

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if the unit could do polyphonic, so it could play more than one pads sound simultaneously, am I imgainging this right ? ??? Say you had pad one playing a vocal of “One one one one” etc…and pad two playing a vocal of “two two two two” etc… and the same all the way up to pad 8 playing a vocal of “eight eight eight eight” and so on. imagine that all the sounds lasted 1 minute each.

if the pads were played and those sounds all started by the DJ at their choosen moments it’s just going t o becmoe a audbile mess, isnt it? there’d have to be some way of stopping the playback of each pad I think. you couldnt use shift and the pad to stop the sound, as shift and a pad already is used to empty the pad of a sound.

Not quite what I had in mind. It would be silly to offer polyphonic one-shots for just the reason you outlined–having multiple, lengthy samples overlapping would sound awful.

I was thinking more along the lines of treating the pads like the keys of a synth, where pressing the pad would only play the note/sample as long as the button was pressed/released, with the option to adjust ADSR to define the note/envelope behavior. The workflow would look something like this:

  1. Create one-note samples from a specific instrument within a DAW. Let’s say a simple saw sound.
  2. Render those samples and export as wav/aiff.
  3. Load each sampled note into a pad on the SC5000.
  4. Define the sample’s amp envelope (ADSR) behavior to define the behavior of the played pad/sound
  5. Play the notes of the pads in a polyphonic manner to create chords.

I’m well aware that this is quite possibly a stretch beyond the capabilities of the SC5000. However, since I’m only vaguely aware of the high-powered guts of the hardware, I figured I would atleast throw the idea out there.

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