On Air mode half way on the up faders

Hello, Did anybody experienced the On Air mode to switch deck jog wheel colors when the fader is almost 50% up? The deck can be heard in linear fader curve setting already 20% and even 10% up, so I think a mm from complete 0% should already change the jog wheel color. Or is this normal? Happened on 1.2 and 1.3 software as well.


I just wondered the exact same yesterday. Thanks for bringing it up before me :slight_smile:

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Does changing either the up fader or crossfader curve control make any difference To when the on-air convenience light comes on ?

Nope. It was also like that in all previous softwares. And all channels react exactly the same way.

It’s hidden in or moved to the old beta, but I’ve made this known way back when… I’ve opted to have fader start and preview kill threshold on the first or at maximum the second bar from below. It was way too high back then and now it seems even worse.