Old school Raver from Jacksonville Florida

Just recieved the SC5000 prime kit after gving up on the other big name company and thier overpriced Kits. Quite a few few things to get used to now but its now to be learning again. I’ve been djing clubs and parties since 1999 with my Technics Mk3s (only thing I kept from devorce). My health isn’t what it used to be, so I don’t play out much anymore. Nothing is worse than being labeled as an unrealiable noshow Artist. I much enjoy the low stress spur of the moment pop up parties. I think it is truely wonder what Denon DJ is trying to do here with the “request forum”. Especially coming over from an Industry leaders forume where request fell on deaf ears for years. For 5 years RxrdBox users have been told Ableton link is coming. Denon is trying their best to to win over our hearts and pockets with their gear. I’m very happy to now be on this side of the tracks. Thank you Denon