Okay, Dumb Question

Might get flamed for this one…

Is there a way to perform a Mirror Mix with the SC6000/M? What I’m talking about is somethin along the lines of what the old DN-S5000 (using Alpha track) was able to do, that is to say play the same track on layer 2 with a specified time delay (at 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, or 2/1) automaticly?

Like Instant Double but with a set beat/time difference? Don’t think so.

You could do an Instant Double and then one slight beatjump for instance. It would require more steps of course.

This looks like a decent feature request idea :wink:

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For now, I’ve been using this way - instant double then pause the new layer by touching the jog wheel briefly, nudge for more precise timing.


With the old “Mirror Mix”, you didn’t have to do any of that. Just activate, adjust the delay, bring in the second layer on the mixer, enjoy.

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I used it on DN-HS5500 not long time ago - cool feature - very recommended


Feature request was posted in case anyone missed it.


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I rarely use the 5500’s mirror thing, but I vaguely understand how it works and realize a lot of people who had old Denons loved it. Gets talked about to me often and I just sort of nod along not fully comprehending its magnificence.

It goes back to the vinyl era. It was a common technique, when done well really sounded great. Almost like an echo effect only smoother.


I had to do some digging, but I was able to find a perfect example of how the “Mirror Mix” technique sounds in action.

THIS folks is how it’s done.

This used to be done a lot with Bizzare Inc, Playibg with Knives, in the early 90s.

Another fine example from 1982, i remember watching this after school on TV, 3 years later got my first pair or Technics and never looked back. Thanks for the inspiration Greg!

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Great mixer there from Matamp. I had the pleasure of using a Supernova at Valbonne in Maidenhead, probably around the same time. Completely out of my price range at the time!

Umm who’s Greg?

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You van use instant doubles and then press beat jump. Is this workable?

This was suggested earlier, it’s not the same.

Why is it not the same?

The extra steps involved.

Well, technically it is the same. You’re just asking for it to be an automated feature and not a manual process, no?

Correct. As was posted earlier, “Mirror Mix” was a feature on the DN-S5000 and the DN-HS5500.

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