Not all MicroSD cards are the same!


I have 2 identical MicroSD cards, both 128Gb Sandisk Ultra’s & both brought directly from Amazon (not from a 3rd party retailer).

One syncs with Engine Prime relatively quickly, but the other takes an eternity (overnight).

The obvious explanation is that the slow one isn’t a legit Sandisk product. …but apart from that, is there any other legitimate reason that would explain the speed difference?

Perhaps a different format or perhaps just faulty?

However, your conclusion that fake items circle in normal retail businesses isn’t uncommon these days.

Samsung and Sandisk have standardized pricing models for their Class 10 Micro SD’s. Best practice is to avoid any deal that seems to good to be true, especially when purchasing online.

That aside, attempt a slow format of the faulty SD card to NTFS. Then format it to FAT32. Could be a TOC issue, if it is a legit card.

Thanks, i’ll give that a go.

The speed difference between two cards could be decided by how the cards memory quota is made up

Like a 16gb flash drive or SD card can be 16gb by being a single 16gb memory chip or 2 x 8gb chips or 16 x 1gb chips. I don’t know which would be faster or which would give less data traffic jams but I’d bet the multiple smaller capacity chips are cheaper to use. In some applications those speed differences might not get noticed but for DJing we probably stress out the poorer chips quite a lot