Noise instead sound when livestreaming with MCX8000

Hi! Try to livestreaming DJ sets with MCX8000 in standalone mode. I use OBS to streaming. I have two Logitech USB cams - C930e and Streamcam connected to my almost new laptop Acer Extensa ex215-51 with Windows10. When MCX8000 connected via USB and sound input is “Line 5/6” in Windows and in OBS sometimes after i’m run OBS i have noise instead sound. Someday all works well, someday i have noise. The noise appears spontaneously and I have not grasped any system of its appearance. It may or may not appear. If he appeared once, then it is impossible to get rid of him. If i restart laptop it will appear again. If the noise does not appear in the next 10-20 minutes after setting up it will not appear again. Noise may appear even if MCX8000 are play the music. When i’m unplug MCX from laptop noise is stopped. After this when i"m plug MCX into laptop again the noise will be appear again. I try to increase buffer size in MCX8000 driver, but no to avail. This is soundcloud link with part of record my last stream. First noise is when music not play. After this noise and music starts i unplug and then plug again MCX into USB. After this noise start again and i was forced to connect audio via an analog cable right during the broadcast. Запись002 by Ben Gunn | Free Listening on SoundCloud What can i try to do?

Denon does´t care about MCX users as well as their Problems. You know yourself paid and forgotten

If you run the laptop on its batteries instead of on mains power supply, do you still get the noise?