No Sound From Headphones While Cueing

Hey Everyone! I can’t hear anything out of the headphones while cueing or while a track is playing. The appropriate cue button for the playing channel is selected. Anyone have ideas? TIA

Split cue?

Headphone volume control ?

Thanks @Julianus

You’d think. Split Cue tried on and off, played with the mix between cue and master. Headphone Volume control tried. (Still a no-go)

Channel input selectors ?

hmmm - Channel input selectors - You mean The Cue Buttons (Then Yes - I have)

On the front panel there are input buttons where are they set too ?

3: Line 3 (1200s) 1: USB 2: USB 4: LN4 (1200)

To be clear, music is playing out of speakers. Just not the headphones.