No power to mcx8000

Not used my controller since last year , went to use it yesterday but couldn’t find power supply so today bought a standard changeable power supply that can do 12v 5A but it’s not switching on

Absolutely gutted, any suggestions?

Did you confirm that the polarity was matching the original ?

No unfortunately I think that is what’s happened, the adapter is one of those that the end can be changed and I think after looking in to it more Iv connected it wrong

Surely the mcx8000 has polarity protection built in ?

One of my ones died during a gig and wouldn’t power on, it was the main board that failed.

Probably better to check your adapters with a multimeter just to make sure they’re outputting the correct voltage and polarity before looking further.

Unfortunately I think I used the wrong polarity, do you think it can be fixed but I’d expect the unit to have polarity protection

Depending on where you’re based and where the nearest disco store is, it’s worth taking your 8000 to a place that’s got their own 8000 on display and try your 8000 on their 8000 power supply.

With prime available for so long now though, not everywhere will have an 8000 on show, so it’s best to phone first to make sure.

Also ebay has mcx8000 power supply’s for under £20 with free postage

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Iv ordered a correct one for this unit just worried the wrong polarity has blown it or is protection built in ?

None of us on the forum would know that, despite you asking several times.

You’d either need to get a service manual or contact technical support to find out.

smells burnt ? polarity protection built in ? I don’t think so because it is not possible to swap it with the original power supply