No Output to External Speakers with Serato DJ

Hi all. I just upgraded to the MC6000MK2 with Serato DJ. I downloaded the driver and the Serato DJ software. I scanned the hard drive, analyzed the files and have access to all songs. I’m able to load tracks and see them in all four decks. The play button flashes green and ready. However, when I press play the track does not play and the button continue to flash. There is no output to the external speakers. If I switch to INT the track plays.

I downloaded Serato Into, and tracks play normally through it.

All channels and set to PC.

I’d appreciate any suggestions and advice.


which operating system are you using? does your 6000 have the latest firmware?

what exactly do you mean by “external speakers”?

anyway, did you try another DJ version? same problems there as well?