No option to relocate tracks

I have my most recent tracks arranged in folders, when I no longer use those tracks I change them to another folder, but I don’t like to lose the cues in case I ever use them again, in Rekordbox or traktor there is the option to relocate tracks and it is very easy to do it, however in Engine PRIME there is no such option. Does anyone know if there is a simple way to relocate the tracks in engine prime? Thanks

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You can do that with this tool:

You could empty your crates and re-import the folders. I’ve done this recently as I moved around my folders and sub categories.

Thank you very much for the reply. That option does not work for me. I have marked cues in a track within the create and then I have changed the file to another folder, I have reloaded the track to another create and it loses the cues. I think the option to relocate would be better.

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Maybe you need to change your working method: instead of moving them from one folder (directory) to another, you should move them from one CRATE to another within Engine Prime. So you don’t lose the stored information (H.Cue, loop, grid) and you don’t lose the link with the file.

Then you can import in the remote collection (USB key, SDXC, SSD) that is, in the memory that you will use to play the music, only the CRATES you want to use, while the others will remain only on the main collection (on the PC).

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Not a solution for many

Engine Prime desperately needs a solution baked in.

I wonder when in the file folder section of EP if file movement is allowed.

As per other programs, if the files are moved within the dj software file browser, it retains all the attributes eg crates location, hot cues, etc

Thanks for your answer, if it would be another way of working, I’ll see it

See thus feature request:

If you “like” it, it gets voted up :wink:

Apart from that, you could change paths using sql in your m.db, but that is risky unsupported business…

that’s what i mean. be able to move tracks without losing information like rekordbox, traktor, and serato