Newbie, Sync questions

Hey there,

i am currently testing the Prime Engine with a Prime Go Controller. Considering switching from Serato. Maybe you guys could help me with following questions:

  1. Is there a simple Sync Option for my iTunes Workflow? In Serato the Smart Playlists get integrated automatically. Also small changes (adding a new song) are done with a restart of Serato. I definitly want to keep my Workflow on iTunes…

  2. I want to put all my Playlists and Crates on an USB-Stick (32gb, USB 3.0). I started the Sync-Manager 3 hours ago and it is still not even half done. Is this normal?

  3. How does I sync my Playlists to the USB Stick after I added new Songs? Just open the Sync Manager and start the process?

Thanks for your help! Bastian


You can also use drag and drop method, drag from your collection to the usb in engine prime


Do you have an answer for my first questions?

And again, regarding the time for syncing: It took a whole night to sync appr. 25GB of music. Is this really normal? And will it take the same amount of time when I will only add a few more songs to the Crates?

Subsequent syncs will be faster eg if you only added a couple of hundred of tracks to the collection crate.

I didn’t answer because i did not want to give you wrong information. Now i have tested it for you.

It should update when you click on the on the button without a restart

That is not normal! I can do a 400gb sync in less than an hour. Must be something to do with the 32gb stick.

What brand is it?

Try a speed test on it.

I will advise to invest in a portable SSD, as there seem to be better predictable transfer speed with them compared to USB sticks from all i have read in this forums.

Perfect, super helpful!

Reg. the iTunes Sync: But this Button will only sync the iTunes Playlists displayed in the iTunes Folder of the Prime Engine right? How do I update my Crates and Playlist on my Stick/SSD after that? Do I have to drag all of the updaded Playlists of iTunes into Crates/Playlists again?

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Yes sir.

You may even need to delete the EP crate to allow you to have the same crate but updated with changes

See here for explanation

To update, Refresh Itunes/AppleMusic > Engine Prime Collection > Sync Manager > PrimeGo Stick/SSD

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