New Wierd cue mode

Since the update …

Argh !!!

Argh !!!

Argh !!!

How do I get the channel cueing back to the sensible operation that it used to have before the firmware update. The new mode leaves the last cued channel still in the cue mix and adds the cue of the button you’ve just pressed… ultimately, you’re going to end up with cue sound coming out of all four channels into the headphones.

It’s adding button presses every time you cue as you have to press the old channel cue to stop that channel being fed into headphones.

There’s nothing in the headphones section of the utility menu for “cue mode: solo/multi”

I’m guessing some DJs will find this way of making the cues work as being the best thing ever, but some, including me, will hate it

Please tell me there’s an option or setting for this new mode

Utility - System - Cue settings - Cue solo mode > ON.

This always was the default on every mixer since mixers where made. :sunglasses:

Sort of… some mixers had basic, mechanical push buttons with no connection to each other they just included that channel in the mix if that button was in/down.

Other mixers had a logic connection of unassigning cue channels when a new cue button was pressed.

The odd thing is, with the x1800 is that minutes before I updated the firmware, it’s cue buttons were working how I prefer them. I wonder if the firmware loading made the presets change.

I hope denon aren’t getting into the filthy habits of Virtual DJ, who think the best way of showing off a particular feature is to activate it and then let you struggle in between songs to try and disable the feature that’s ruining your night.

Default is probably OFF. Firmware resets all settings to default. I use solo ON myself.

Cue split/mix also. I use my right ear as cue. Default is left ear, I believe.

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