New version won’t open

Latest version won’t open and now neither will the last version when I re-down load and install that? Worked fine before I did this!

Please tell me I don’t have to delete and start again?

Which @latest engine Prime are you trying. ?

There’s 1.3.1 , 1.3.2 and someone’s mentioned 1.3.3 today too

Which version number are you problems with ?

What kind of computer (PC/Mac) and operating system version?

Hey @Lostchimp sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the new version of Engine Prime.

Happy to help out as much as i can, but could you explain the issue you’re facing in a bit more detail? What OS are you using, and what is the spec of your machine (Ram, processor & clockspeed etc) Is there any error message that shows on screen when trying to launch the app? If you’re a windows user, do you have all windows recommended updates installed? What was the last version of Engine Prime you were able to use successfully?

Let me know.

New here but I’m having the same problem.

MacBook running 10.15.7

EP 1.5 something gives me an “error 3” and immediately closes .

EP Beta 6. Something doesn’t even open.

EP 1.3.4 I think won’t open as well.

Any help would be awesome!!

I had this issue.

Removed, reinstalled etc.

For me the issue was fixed by unplugging a USB Midi Keyboard that was causing the Launch to crash.

Maybe it could be a similar issue

It’s all good now, I just deleted that Engine folder it had created on my Mac in my music folder.

I then reinstalled 1.5.1 and it opened up.

Now I just have to figure out how to create playlists :man_facepalming:t5:

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