New shipments

When can we start seeing and receiving a new shipments from stores. I have 2 SC6000M on backorder. Thanks in advance for any infomation.

IMO you might have better luck asking the store as they would have someone in direct contact with the supplier and often times have better insight than most people here. What the store will be told, someone here might not be able to write as it might spark more emotions (about the timing). Hope that makes sense.

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I just bought 2 from Thomann’s in Germany. They shipped to the states and took only a few days to receive. They seem to have a good stock of the 6000m’s but were out of stock of the 6000’s which seemed strange to me.

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Thank you for the information. Sweetwater says February sometime?

Most of the US suppliers say the same. Seems to be an issue with US import of goods.

It’s not just the US, Europe is the same.

The problem is, the dates don’t seem to always stick. The shop I’ve bought mine from for example has quite a lot on order, they were supposed to arrive in December and they got precisely none. They now say February too

Fingers crossed…

Edit: just realised you said 6000m, they have definitely been in stock when the 6000 haven’t been

Yes indeed, fingers crossed. I ordered a pair of 6000 in the Netherlands in August, had one delivered right away. Still waiting for the second one.

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Received my 6000’s this week in the UK, ordered early Nov.