New Firmware Update: What I'd Like to See Fixed

In the new update I would like to see, a way to delete the history, a way to delete the playlist or crates that I can create inside of the controller.

I would also like to see the Cue button on the headphones automatically switch to the deck I’m loading without me having to turn the cue buttons on and off. It would be nice if they would just Auto load in Solo mode or whatever. And also the algorithm is just all over the place I can’t use the Roll Effect on any drum and bass or any glitch hop or weird BPM tracks! House music reads ok! (good thing Im a house dj) but it has messed with me at some special events where im making money :frowning: and it’s very hard to do any of the effects with that beat grid off.

Also your website here is kind of funky I keep trying to type something in this body but it keeps jumping me back up to the damn subject or header here. It’s doing this every time I try to type a new sentence it’s a little frustrating even just trying to give you guys some advice on this controller.

Putting long lengths of text into paragraphs stops the jumping around thing that you’re on about in forum posts. It’s just a combo if smart phones and big lumps of text.

The other bits on firmware requests would be great to add into the provided pre-laid our suggestion forms. I like the idea of some of your on-player requests, but no point in voting for them to be added to the list of 3 or 4 hundred other suggestions until it can be voted for, which only counts in suggestion area on the approp form