New Firmware changes observations

This changes everything.

My mixes are finally on point without having to constantly beat match by ear (younger DJ’s may know nothing of this).

Tried it already for an hour and works incredibly well now.

One thing I’ve noticed is that in the Horizontal Mode, when your songs are loaded and you turn the Library knob now, it doesn’t automatically take you back to the Library view like it did in Vertical Mode.

Secondly, they have added a slide down shortcut if you drag finger from the top…Just need to add the Search/Library shortcut to this drop down to make it perfect.

Also, the BPM readings seem to be more accurate if the song hasn’t been analyzed on the Prime 4 initially. Note: this does not change the incorrect beat assigned to it by EP as far as I’m aware.

According to the Digital DJ tips video, it now takes into account the BPM value already assigned by other DJ programs. I haven’t confirmed this yet, but Phil is usually on point.

If Denon comes out with the M version, it’s a wrap in the market for many of us as far as the perfect controller.

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Good to hear. Ill be testing mine out tonight when i get home and see how it looks and sounds.

Why slide down a menu if you can press on the left side directly?

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Hi All, please see this video for a full run through:

Also check the release notes for more info:

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Thanks, great update.

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