Need help with S3700's


I recently bought pair of used 3700’s. I tested these with Traktor timecode on my Z2 mixer and that works fine. However, I’d rather use them in hybrid midi mode with my Rane TTM57 SL so I can access all the button functionality on the S3700’s. It works great in Hyrbid mode - however, there is very bad sticker drift in Scratch Live. Using Timecode CD’s in Traktor Pro 3 showed no problems.

Does anybody have any tips on how to prevent the sticker dift from happening in Scratch Live?

If there is no way to fix that, could someone pleae provide me guidance on how to use these decks in hybrid mode in Traktor Pro3? Would it be possible to use the in hybrid mode in Traktor Pro3 and use my TTM57 SL as an analogue mixer?

Traktor 3 can use any dvs hardware Unfortunately stickerdrift exists in hybrid mode, not sure if it’s only serato or if you will have the same problem in traktor. I Dj house with scratch live (old) so don’t really notice it.

I had one s3700 a few years back.

I think there’s a menu set for which DVS tone to use. Traktor NI bastards changed their tone to foul up non NI official time code but if you haven’t found that range of different frequencies in the s3700 menus already, then try changing those.

Also try absolute and relative modes

Should always use relative mode with hybrid midi

Hi guys ,

Thanks for all the input. I have done some etensive testing since I posted this and have observes the following

  1. Serato in Hybrid Mode - Sticker Drift occurs

  2. Seraro using Timecode CD’s - Sticker Drift occurs

  3. Serato using Timecode USB - Sticker Drift occurs

  4. Traktor using Hybrid Mode - does not work natively since NI changed the TC signal

  5. Traktor using Timecode CD - No sticker drift at all

  6. Traktor using TimeCode USB - No sticker drift at all

Seems like Traktor + Z2 + S3700 is the most reliable. Its a pity though, cos I would have preferred to use Scratch live with these so I can use them with my Rane TTM57

Seems serato is getting less and less of a product day by day

Hybrid mide with Traktor should work now (you will still need appropriate mapping files) since NI made mk1 timecode work with newer versions of Traktor. I think they did it from version 2.7.3

Hi slayformoney,

Thanks… That is interesting indeed. I tried to get hybrid mode working in Traktor (pro 3) and failed. I guess I should try again. If you know of any reliable links to read up on this, please share.

For what it’s worth, I also have a pair of cdj 800 mk2 decks… They too suffer from sticker drift in serato, but not in Traktor.

I have tested this on 3 laptops and on both windows 7 and windows 10. I don’t have Mac to test on.

I believe OP is testing using Serato Scratch Live which is a legacy product.

I haven’t noticed any sticker drift using the CDJs, SC5000 hid or Timecode with Serato DJ Pro.

This S3700 thing is a known issue from back in the days. There was no official partnership between Denon and Serato to get the 3700 to work with Scratch Live then (I could be wrong though 2009/10)

@Chino care to chime in.

Thank you for the input Mufasa. Appreciated.

I experienced the sticker drift issue on both scratch live and serato dj pro… On both the pioneer 800mk2 and the denon s3700. Both these units work fine in Traktor.

Perhaps it’s a serato issue on windows only. I will test with my friends macbook and let you guys know how that goes.

I will check out the links you posted as well. Thanks again.

There is a function in serato dj pros menu, anti drift (try toggling that)

You may want to try that as well.

I doubt if it’s an OS issue, but no harm trying

Thanks Mufasa

That didnt work when I tested my PIoneer CDJ800mk2 a few months ago with an SL2. That aside, I cannot use Serato DJ Pro with my Rane TTM57 - It only works with Scratch Live.

57sl and the SL1 box are usb 1.1 speed and discontinued.

You should create a thread in the Serato forums

IMHO All the pre-InMusic Rane takeover hardware ie the SL2/3/4, Rane 61/62/64 are legacy products now. There has been no firmware or driver updates to many and I doubt if it will happen now with the 72 and 70 in the market.

It is getting multiple legacy products to work together many of them without updated drivers to cope with the OS you are probably testing with.

Have you considered a controller like the NS7 (motorized platters) or even a simple DDJ SB3 or if you have turntables the Numark Scratch mixer or Mixars DUO

Did s3700 have /audio curve/ in its menus?

Although it makes the output kinder to speakers and ears , it needs to be switched off for DVS to track right. I had a s3500 which had that I think. Don’t know if the option is there on s3700