Native Instruments new community forum

NI closed the old forum today R.I.P. The new forum is a work in progress and will take a bit to build to back up. It would be a good time for any Traktor users who put up good content on the old forum to move it to the new forum. I’m the only one so far to receive the original member gold (OMG) badge :laughing: That’s the level above ancient. I’m a Traktor dinosaur.

I haven’t used Traktor in years but I do still miss using my F1 and samples while layering 3 decks for my downtempo sets.

Still have the Traktor Bible somewhere, too.

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I still use it to practice and prepare new sets. I like that I can sit down with a controller on my lap and start working. I spend about 2 hrs a week with it then I move it over to my Denon setup where I practice for 6hrs a week standing up.


I still have the physical copy and box of Traktor version 1 :rofl:


I have traktor pro 2 and 3. I used also the old traktor studio 3 back in the days… NI forum was recently very silent, most activity was only in Kontakt and Maschine area, but then, also not really much was going on. I hope, the fresh forum will give them also more life there…

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Yeah I use it now and again sometimes also I have s4mk3 it’s great piece of kit but was wondering the other day this used to work for me but not anymore.Was trying to drag my playlists from engine into my Traktor playlists but doesn’t work anymore what would be the best method on doing this any Traktor users on here help me out

I have used Traktor and Vestax VCI 400 since 2011 and changed for a S8 2020.I have had about 50-60 gigs per year with these. Now by 2022 I have switched to sc6000 and x1850. I would like a “marriage” between Denon SC600 / x1850 and Traktor. This would be my dream combination. SC6000 with Trakor HID is my wet dream.

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I guess we’ll all have to go over to the new forum and start fresh feature requests.