NAMM 2022 gossip?

Hey guys 'n. gals,

Anyone got any goss about NAMM 2022?

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  1. Traktor is releasing a new controller along with a new update and will be changing their website.

  2. Pioneer will be releasing a major update that involves stems.

  3. InMusic will be blessing more products with the use of engine dj OS.

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Nice - any more details on the InMusic releases? I wonder what Engine OS will be running on next.

Edit - just seen that Engine OS is now available for the Numark Mixstream Pro.

I’ve heard that they will announce Engine Coffeemaker 1.0. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All rumors.

Seriously, I cannot comment any more tbh. Even if I knew anything.


Coffee maker - I would dig this :smiley:

Got a design for one?

(Little sampler joke there)


I think the forum is gonna change to engine dj forums also.

Your not talking about the coffee makers at the car dealership for customers who are waiting for either their new car or waiting for maintenance on their engine. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m waiting to see who’s gonna throw in any Denon rumours. Any fake/real leaks?

Edit: changed the title a bit

Thanks mate - good old dyslexia!

One of my kids has dyslexia too, but he has a photographic memory to compensate and is doing great. :slight_smile:

good to hear a success story where dyslexia is involved.


I would not mind a single layer Numark branded media player with Engine OS


How bout a revamped numark ns7 with engine OS?

It can probably be fit into mixers too. I spy mixer builds in engine OS.

Thought to be the EM6000, but it could extend the Engine DJ brand. Could this be the return of Stanton as an essential equipment mainstay of the 2022 DJ?


Moved it here

Told y’all…

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Could be. I was looking for a matching Stanton cart and stylus for what I already have and this is what came up at my retailer.

I’m looking for extras but I see they are under the yorkville banner.

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Ah yes, the Yorkville Sound 750. Sounds great through these reference studio headphones…

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Don’t get me started with the long chain of rebranding memes. :rofl:

Yes, while your retailer probably just has the wrong manufacturer code on their e-shop and they are actually Stanton carts., it’s always wise to be wary of counterfeit and poor quality DJ products… image

The carts are discontinued and the yorkville branded is the last piece left in the country. Seems like Stanton doesn’t make anything anymore.

Maybe namm 2022 will give a clue on the health of Stanton as a brand.