My thoughts on the SC5000M's 2 months in! Short Review and Requests.


Ok, getting this thread back on track! haha

Also I DO wish for the ability to change font size on our displays! I would love to be able to see more listings at once. Would be super helpful! And I echo the wishes for more search options!


I’m pretty sure we have a new firmware this month ! and the high end roll will be solved in this next firmware

I’m really impatient for this one, maybe a bit too much but Denon need to take all this problems seriously for 2019 and not in a distant future :grinning:


Yes we do since 2016 and also used in the MPC Live:

It’s probably a quadcore ARM chip with enough power, but still slower than using Engine on a computer.

Now back on-topic again and just wait for the rest of januari. :wink:

New firmware update coming for January?

Hey Reese! Sweet! What’s your source for this info btw? Just wondering! : )

Can’t you point me to a site? Thx!


All info is available on the FCC site, but due to US government lockdown it’s temporarily not… Normally it’s just publicly available. Some years back this was posted by a user on this forum and on several others.


Ok, sounds good! Thx!