MP4 Waveforms questions

I popped into a brick and mortar store yesterday to see the Prime in Flesh.

I popped in a USB which I just dragged 5 tracks into. Not pre analysed in Engine Prime. the 5 tracks were different formats ie FLAC, WAV, MP3, AIFF and a video MP4.

The WAV, FLAC, MP3, AIFF all played well. Analysis was pretty fast, Waveforms sharp. That display is very good.

My current dj library is mixed media with videos and audio, and I try to keep it lean by not doubling files. eg if I have a video of a song, I won’t keep the audio file, as I can use the video even at audio only gigs.

So I loaded an MP4 video file onto the 5000 Prime deck, it played the song/audio but did not load the waveform. Is the Prime able to display waveforms of MP4 video files?


The answer is yes & no.

MP4, being a video format has a potential myriad (over 30) of audio formats which could be contained in the file. Standard stereo left/right audio channels should work - whereas some fancy multi-channel audio could cause issues with waveform creation.

most of my MP4 are from sources such as Smashvision and Xtendamix to name a few. In the “MP4 container” the audio file is always AAC stereo track. I don’t think have any video that’s not AAC audio.

80% of my gigs are video with Serato/Mixemergency/Resolume

I will wait for Serato support and before making this decision.

Thanks @Gee_DenonDJ

Thanks for the thanks, but I have to own up, for such a new enquiry (we’ve never had a DJ media player which created waveforms from video files before) I did have to delve deep into the hallowed worlds of the Development Teams castle. Credit: Dev Team (tick)

But now we all know to watch for MP4 container audio variations.

Note to self - download audio and videos going forward.

gotta admit I was super tempted to whip out the bank card. That’s one gorgeous piece of kit.

I can confirm that MP4 waveforms are shown. All my mixed crates from Serato works brilliantly.

try to convert mp4 to mp3 first