Moving Music from External HDD onto New Laptop Hardrive?

Hi everyone,

First-time poster here! I’m struggling to find an answer for my particular issue so thought I’d create a topic on it.

I bought my Prime 4 late last year and have kept all my original files for music on an external HDD, and the sorted them on my old laptop through there. This laptop died a few weeks ago (which I was expecting hence why I kept the original files on an external drive), and now I want to be able to put the files physically onto my new laptop instead of storing them on the external.

I have copied them across, but for the life of me can’t seem to get engine prime to read the files, info or hot cues? I have coped the old Engine Library folders across as well.

The only option I’ve had is to reimport them and re-analyse them. For me, this is a long-winded way as a lot of my tunes are recorded old vinyl so need to be checked basically individually.

Can anyone help or copy a link to a similar thread?

Many thanks in advance.

You can use my tool ENJINN to relocate your tracks.

All you have to do is move your tracks where you want them, run ENJINN and tell it where you put them, and that’s it!