Moving files - will I lose crate structure?

Hi, so like a complete noob I bought my P4 and jumped straight into downloading, and dropping files into EP and then sorting into various crates. I now have reached a point where I want to move the source files off my laptop and onto an external drive, and I’ve hit the obvious speed bump whereby I now understand the way EP works and imports data and can’t locate a file once moved. I’ve come to terms with that and liked all the development request posts to add my support for the functionality to be improved.

My question though, I know I’ll lose cue points etc (fine, I’m only 5 days into the new kit) but if I remove the tracks, relocate the files on my external HD, then reload them, will I have to resort the crates? I originally sorted them in EP so I’m guessing it’s bad news. :confused:

Super useful forum by the way, there’s so much info here it’s a bit overwhelming but I’ve already learnt so much!

When you say you want to move the files onto an external drive, is that the drive you want to plug into the Prime 4?

If so, you don’t move the files, you copy (export) them - from your laptop to the external drive, using Engine Prime. You can use the Sync Manager to do that.

Sorry, no, I’ve got a flash drive for exporting to plug in and play. This is purely for the original AIFF/WAV files to save space on my laptop.

I guess you could still do it as if you were exporting to a drive for the P4. It would copy the files and create a database on that external drive.

Once you’ve done it, delete the local files and database. Then when you connect the external drive and open EP again, it will show in the Device Panel and you can still access it that way.

You are only five days deep…

Firstly you need to think about file management going forward

File management starts from when you download the track or file.

You may need to Rename it, Add artwork Etc

Only then should you move the file to its final destination…ie the external you are using.

Then you add to Engine Prime collection

As a Bonus

You can plug that external drive directly into the Prime 4 if you need to use your entire collection for a gig.

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Yeah thanks for the tips. The HD I’m using isn’t FAT32 so I’m now going through the laborious task of moving all the family photos onto my laptop, then reformat, then move them all back, before starting on my music file management and import to Engine. 1st World Problems eh? :see_no_evil:

I would’ve just bought another drive :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW use exFAT rather than FAT32.

Yes take your time.

And I agree with @PKtheDJ.

Buy two new externals (if you can afford it get make one an external SSD). The second external will be your back up.

I use a similar method, but I have about a dozen subfolders for Main Genre

External SSD >DJMusic > DJMusic> >Urban >Pop >Afrobeats >House >Funk n Disco


I have a folder in my Download folder where I may download to, but I have my computer settings to “Ask me for destination Folder” for every download.

So it kinda forces me to make a decision about the destination folder immediately. Which means I have to audition the track.

If I don’t like way the file is named I download it to the folder in the Downloads for files I need to work on before introducing to my DJ software.

I use “Artist - Title”

Some people add BPM and Key to the file name, I don’t.

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