Mixed In Key (Export Energy Level to Engine Prime)

Hi All, Just want to share this with you: Some DJ’s play with energy levels.

HOW TO: implement the Mixed In Key ENERGY LEVELS into PRIME ENGINE:

  1. purchase mixed in key.
  2. Drag the files from your DJ music folder to MIK.
  3. Everything is scanned automatic
  4. Go to “peronalize tag”.
  5. Click on “Update Tags”
  6. Here you can choose how the Energy level wil be stored in your IDTag. in red you see my settings

  1. Click " re-tag excisting files" the energy level is now saved in the IDTAG of the song file
  2. Go to Engine Prime
  3. select the songs you dragged in MIK
  4. right click: re-import track information MIK Re IMPORT


Now: The “comment” field contains the energy level (according to my settings) MIK ENERGY field

FUTURE UPDATE?: It would be nice if engine prime could read the ENERGY LEVEL field of MIK.

that’s it for now … Is there a better/faster way? let me know. thanks


This looks cool, but it’s a bit bad that You need to buy extra program to do so…

You are absolutely right. On the other hand, mixed in key is not that expensive. I paid about 45 euro. It’s easy to get a 10% discount code on google.

just discovered a downside of MIK. It has no rating tag… and Engine Prime can’t read the rating out of an IDTag…