Missing covers engine prime and prime 4

Hi! I am still struggling with this issue. I buy the music from apple. When i transfer the tracks ftom itunes to engine prime I can not see the covers BUT sometimes when i load a track to play it on engine prime then i can see the cover there, NOT ALWAYS, when i transfer the music to denon prime 4 the cover is missing too. This is happening since the last update of Engine prime. Any solution? I bought MP3TAG app via apple store and i can not see the covers there neither… it ´s really annoying. Thanks for your help!

Yes, recently it has been happening to me more and more often. I would like to understand if it occurs only in 1.6.0 or even earlier, but I had never noticed it before.

Why did you pay if it is free? Maybe because you are with Apple? :thinking:

I noticed since the last update. I paid via apple, i do not know why, I could not open the app i previously had for free few months ago, so there was a link the official app via apple store and i paid almost 22 euro… but i can not solve anything, anyway… i am still struggling with this issue… Thanks for your help

Over the weekend I’ll try to understand what happens: I realized the other night that on my P4 I no longer displayed some covers, while they were certainly present (because all my tracks have covers :wink:).

I had noticed this joke from Engine Prime before, but it seemed to me that I had arranged all the covers to be displayed, but maybe I have forgotten a few. If I can fix it I’ll explain how I did it.

On the tracks not displaying artwork, are there multiple covers when viewing in MP3Tag?

No, one cover.

On the players, does it display as a grey bar or as the denon logo?

Have you tried right-clickijg on the tracks and selecting re-import track data?

I do not remember. I’ll check it out.

Yes, several times but nothing changes.

It depends how the Cover/AlbumArt is saved in the Tag. I.e. I had tracks showing there ‘rekordbox’ or ‘other’ and EP was not showing them. I had to remove the AlbumArt and resave it with the standard ‘Front Cover’ and afterwards to reload the track information in EP to get the ALbumArt displaying correctly. AlbumArt example

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Yes, this can create problems. But in my case the covers were all “Front Cover” as indicated in MP3tag. In my case in some tracks there was also a writing in the tag “Cover name” which created problems. After deleting that tag, the cover is visible again.