Mismatched BPM’s (Possible Bug)

First, I converted my Serato DB in Engine Prime and had it analyze the files. I notice that on the Prime 4 the BPM shown in the track is different when the track is loaded into the player. Yes the pitch slider is at 0.

Also, sync is well not syncing. When selected the beats are still off. When the same tracks are prepped in engine Prime and tested with the Sync function on there is no issue.

Trying to work through the machine to see what’s up?

This could be the infamous BPM algorithm of Engine Prime software, it often detects the wrong BPM.

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A picture of your Prime 4 with the troublesome track screen may help.

What track?

Serato BPM?

Engine Prime BPM ?

Please add the possibility to add tracks’ original BPM directly in Prime 4. So we can fix on the fly Engine Prime incorrect BPM analysis.

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