Microphone on the MXC8000

Has any notice a gate or some kind of suppression system on the mics, if you talk to low it will cut you off. Is this normal on the MCX8000?

Been using the 8000 for quite awhile and haven’t noticed this.

Thank you, maybe it’s my unit. I sent a letter to Denon so I’ll see what they come up with.

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Hi @Perry, it’s worth going through the mic settings on the MCX8000 to see what is selected that might cause this.

Thanks J

Thanks Jay i’m a sound engineer by trade that’s why I recognize what it was or what sounds like right away. I went through all the settings once I thought but I heard something about mic effects on YouTube. I will go through them again today. But It’s definitely a gate of some sort. I’ve even tried different mics and both mic channels one and two and it’s the same thing. I’ll look again Thanks Jay Perry

No worries @Perry, if there is something going on we’ll get it sorted for you ASAP!

Thank you Jay, BTW great controller and the mic is fine for me but at a wedding people are soft spoken and the gate cuts them off

Not just at weddings! It is so hard to explain to people they should pretty much put the mic to their chin and talk over it. Most pretend to be ventriloquists and try to speak from their bellies.

And complain that there is feedback occurring when they stand in front of a speaker with the mic 2 feet away from their mouth … pfffff.

Ok, guess that’s an issue with me as well … hahhaha

Thanks DJ Vintage Yeah I’ve been in the biz for a long time over 30 years so I’ve seen it all. But that still doesn’t answer my question why is there a built-in or gate set on this controller. Try talking softly into your mic and you’ll see what I mean. You can actually hear the gate cutting in when you stop talking or maybe I have a controller with mic issues.

At this stage I’d recommend contacting our Global Support team to see how this can be resolved for you: https://www.denondj.com/support

UK Support Direct: uksupport@inmusicbrands.com

Let me know how you get on. J