Microphone Gate Threshold

Can someone explain how this feature would be useful and which settings would do what. I am new to mic work and have just started a radio steaming show. Any help would be great.

The mic gate listens to the mic input and mutes the mic input when the input signal is lower than a reasonable talking person.

So, if you gave your mic to someone reading out winners in a trophy presentation, the mic would be “on” for when the presenter is talking into the mic but would mute the signal between speaking, so that quieter noises are not passed on.

But without an adjustable gate, the orignal prime 4 mic channels would sometimes mute valid words, particularly when inexperienced mic users borrowed the mic. Very quiet words got muted.

But, with the threshold being adjustable now, and the whole gate being able to be switched off , it means there’s no longer any issue with quieter words being muted

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Great thanks, ill have a play around with the settings.

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