Mcx8000 with prime beta

How can I be a part of the Prime beta test? I am new to this forum and having trouble sorting it out. Thank you!

Hi Optic303

I’ve added you to the MCX beta group. You should now be able to see the MCX Beta testing category at the bottom of your forum main page. Head to the “Welcome” post and the download to the beta firmware is there.

Please then report back with your beta tester findings in the MCX Beta test category.


Hi Gee_DenonDJ I’m also having trouble getting the beta software. I replied to the thread a while back but don’t see the MCX8000 firmware download anywhere. Thanks

Try now. We’ve added a few more “signposts” on the forum. Thanks

Can you add me to the beta testing group please

No the beta test is closed.

Post Removed - The first rule of beta club is not to talk about beta club

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:point_up:️ What the … I did not reply that??? I simply provided a link for the latest beta from 2 days ago, saying thar the Beta is closed but heres the latest link which I copied from another post from a Denon member - but was then told the moderators should approve the post and then this turns up???

I accept if moderators wont allow a certain text - but editing and writing something completely else is a not okay. I am close to call it a very doubtfull affair and am quite interestet in if that is legal at all.

I am furious right now - you must have a backlog where you can see the original message.

Joining our Beta Program clearly states you must not share links from the beta. With no exceptions. This is to avoid people from suffering problems from not having correct installation instructions and guidance. The final version will be posted in the near future.