MCX8000 V2.0 Release


When I try to drag my serato crates over directly to the usb it only loads the first song in the crate. I tried to import my library through engine prime but then all my music isn’t sorted into crates. I only have the collection tab. Strangely enough Engine 1.5 had no problem drag and dropping my serato crates. Also strange that my Rekordbox usb playlists drag in just fine. I thought serato would be better optimized for this. Is there anything I can do to get serato working? My external hdd isnt fat 32 but that didnt seem to make a difference with engine 1.5.


Fantastic news!! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this. I have updated firmware & Engine Prime software, exported EP database to Engine 1.5 - so far things are working really nicely. Searching is quick, waveforms are no longer stuttering when browsing. This looks like a solid update. Well done & thank you Denon!!


Some minor issues that I have noticed so far.

  1. Sometimes I can’t extend default loop size. Eg: press auto loop - 4 beat loop begins - pressing X2 does nothing - pressing beat jump either direction does nothing. If I press /2 loop divides by 2, then I can increase size to 4/8/16 etc…
  2. Sometimes beat jump doesn’t work. Self explanatory really - pressing the beat jump buttons ‘sometimes’ doesn’t work.

Other than that, it seems great!!


All up and running now. Was just a bit confusing with the DB conversion et al but I have it figured out and everything is fine.

Thanks for your help as usual Jason.


Strangely in beta I also had beatjump buttons not working. I’m sure I reported it but I’ll have to check.


Here it is.

It seems the 32 beat doesn’t work as there is a limitation to how much it holds in its buffer. I think removing the 32 beat jump option was best.


Could be memory limitations. I believe the Pioneer RX has the same limitation as well.


Thanks for the info MrWilks. This is happening to me with smaller jumps though. I’ve actually only tried it with a 4-bar setting. I’ll test it with a larger setting & see if anything changes.


Ok, so I just checked this with various loop sizes. Basically I can only loop-jump backwards if the loop size is 2-bars or smaller. I haven’t had another issue (yet) where I can’t extend the size of the loop. Although it’s not a huge problem, I’ll keep testing this to see if I can find a way to replicate it.


I upgraded V2.0 and my right hand side needle drop stopped working? Rolled back to v1.5 and it’s all ok again. Anyone else having/seen this issue?


Esto es bastante jodido y primitivo, el hecho de volver a empezar a crear la base de datos desde cero, no lo entiendo


@mufasa you’re correct. Memory limits sometimes prevent the autoloop size increase and beat jump action.


Thank you for all the awesome work that went into this update, excited to try it out and see how the MCX8000 will perform!


Used the new firmware and database at my gig tonight and it all went well.

Played some tracks from engine and some from VDJ seamlessly swapping between them.

Thanks to the team for the update as I was days away from mothballing the MCX and going elsewhere. Please Denon, speed up your software development in future.


I have updated to Prime V1.2.1 and MCX800 Ver 2.0. None of my files are showing the beat grids on the MCX8000 and are taking a long time to draw the waveform as if they have not been analysed. I analysed files in Prime and beat grids are there, Clicked on Export to MCX8000, All files are showing as MCX compatible in Prime. Am I missing a step somewhere


I have the same problem. What i doing wrong?



If you are using Windows and your files were analyze by Engine 1.5, then you need to erase the .DDJMEMO that gets created by Engine 1.5. This is a hidden file so you will need to change Windows Folder Options to be able to see and delete this folder. Then prepare all you files again with Engine Prime.

Depend how you manage your music folder structure, this .DDJMEMO should reside inside your music folder or folders.

Hope this helps.


As this was a major release, I suggest all users delete the DENONDJ2 and Engine Library (if you have this) folders from your USB drive and build your drive from scratch. This will ensure the best possible experience transitioning in the Engine Prime ecosystem. It may seem like a lot of work but Engine Prime is MUCH faster (multi-thread) processing than Engine 1.5.


Does this apply to Engine Prime 1.2.0 users as well?

To Delete old stuff and start afresh


Only if you previously prepared your drive with Engine 1.5 or were part of the MCX8000 Beta test team.