MCX8000 standalone engine upgrade

Are you guys working on improving the standalone version of engine, that lives inside the MCX8000? I hear alot of talk, about engine prime, but I don’t hear anything about the standalone version inside the MCX8000. I would love to be able to completely leave the laptop. I know we can put a USB stick in the MCX8000, and take off, no prep needed. But that software, I think we can all agree, could use some improvements. Not even like, major improvements. As it works now, it’s almost great. But the beatgrids aren’t too precise, if at all. Extra fx would be amazing. Anyway, I guess my question is, are you guys working at all on improving this aspect of the MCX8000, or is that software staying as is. I’d say if the plan is to leave the software inside the MCX8000 as is, at least, fix the beatgrids please. Thanks. Love the unit.


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