Mcx8000 stand alone mode problems

I just bought the mcx8000 and only use it in stand alone mode. I updated to latest firmware mcu 2065 and prep all my tracks in engine on my computer before transferring them to USB stick.

1: the track wavelength preview shows the wrong color for bass lines on a 32 beat section on many tracks (and it’s usually right at the bass drop for some reason). The zoomed in view however shows the correct color.

  1. When trying to beat jump, it won’t let me jump multiple times in one direction without jumping back to the middle of the track. It won’t even work at all in 32 beat mode. 16 beats is the highest. It feel very glitchy when hit the buttons, not very responsive.

  2. The BPMs are usually incorrect by a beat or two. If u manually beat match two tracks and sync them up correctly, the BMPs on both screens will show different values, sometimes only different by a half of a beat. I’ve gone back and analyzed all my tracks multiple times with engine.

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Have you tried the Public Beta testing firmware on your MCX ?