Mcx8000 screen freeze & play problems

hi guys been using my mcx8000 around 6 months now with no issues, i upgraded the firmware to 1.5 not long after i bought the unit. it’s been running absolutely fine until about 3/4 weeks ago, now deck one randomly freezes, this happens regardless of if i’m using serato, usb stick or VDJ once froze a reboot is the only way to get it working again (impossible mid performance) i have seen others mention the reducing screen brightness so i’ll give that a go.

my other issue is in the manual it says the mcx8000 should play AAC files or m4a as they are now known, on trying to load m4a files, the relevant deck freezes and will not load the file. is this normal?

Although similar, M4A and AAC are not the same, nor a simple renaming exercise. More details here:

However, rather than leaving it there, If you’re finding that certain m4a files are freezing the unit, it would be worthwhile checking the file parameters of those files which cause the issues.

AAC files can offer a sample rate between 8-192 kHz, a bit rate between 8-529 kbit/s(stereo) and several odd options for “stereo”, e.g. Dual, Mid/Side, Intensity, Parametric. The MCX offers playback of AAC files of the following formats: AAC (CBR/VBR, 44.1 kHz, stereo 64–320 kbps)

Depending on where the AACs are sourced from, you may find that its a certain Bit rate, certain sample rate, or certain stereo option which is the underlying cause. You may be able to interrogate the troublesome files by right clicking on them to get to Properties, or their parameters may be shown by some computer based AAC players as the track is playing on the computer.

well the m4a files were sourced from itunes or promo only (i have since reverted back to mp3 from promo only) however i tried quite a few m4a’s not long after posting this and they seem to be working fine now, however this was after reducing the display brightness as mentioned by others. on the weekend though i had issues with the mcx screens freezing on startup, tried it 3 times and 3 times it froze on the denon mcx8000 startup screen, no idea why never done it before so i’ll keep an eye on it, could simply be a dodgy usb cable. it’s possible the unit maybe faulty but knowing denon service they will check it and say it’s fine. talking of which i see engine hasn’t received any updates in nearly a year, same goes for the mcx firmware typical denon in that respect support something until the new units come out then support gets dropped even though the unit is a current model.

As you’ve only joined today, it’s ok that you’re not up to date with the current information.

It’s been announced that, rather than the MCX8000s Engine software (Engine 1.5) being developed, a forthcoming version of the rather tasty Engine Prime software will incorporate functionality that will allow the Engine Prime database to be saved in MCX format.