MCX8000 random performance

Well, its hard try to explain how is the performance of the machine, because you cant rely on the controller. I did everything Denon advice in terms of brightness of the screens, and my latop fully optimized, anyway you can’t trust in the performance of the hardware, and less of the software.

in 7 sets of 3 hours each one, the controller fail 1 time with Serato (“lost the conection and audio”), and fail in standalone mode after to seek 1 point in the track using the jog + shift. (“left deck, screen freeze. audio freeze”) all the tracks than I use are mp3 320 44.1. all files scaning twice in ENGINE.

in 10 days from the purchase, I try to do everything in terms of optimization, but the controller, still acting in a pretty random way.

I really believe than all this problems can be fix through and update of firmware.

I spend usd$ 1.300.- so the question is very simple. after Denon last statement in january…what happend? please give us an awnser. your loyal consumers need to know, if your team of developers really work tireless for fix all this problems?.

is pretty disappointed, buy a new unit, and spend months without any notice from the brand. speciallty because I buy the controller to work, and Im pretty insecure about the stability and reliability of the machine. I cant work properly if I cant rely on the controller. I risk to lost my reputation, and future contracts.

I would like to ask you, how much longer are you going to take to have news about updates?. I love the controller, but if Denon don’t pretend to work fast for fix this issues, I have no choice than try to get a refund, o worst, lost money and try to resell.


Hi Rodrigomcx8000 ‘sorry to hear of these issues’

Please can you send me a Private message, supplying your system info, software versions (of Serato, Traktor etc, firmware #, serial number of unit.

Our support team need all necessary info to assist you .

Have you already reached out to our Tech support team? If so, do you have any reference/ticket numbers or date of when you most recently called them?

Rodrigomcx8000 appears to have the same concerns I and other MCX8000 owners have. I too spent $1,300 for the controller (plus an additional $200 for the road case) for a controller that I’m afraid to stake my reputation on at this point. It has great potential but the forthcoming updates from Denon appears to be no where in sight. As for now it stays home and I use my other controllers from another company that has proven much more reliable.

January - September and still no fix/update. Nine months is TOTALLY unacceptable and the silence on this topic from Denon is becoming deafening.

I regret if I’m offending anyone with my tone but I’m quite frustrated with the lack of real activity on these issues.


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CORRECTION: It is now TEN months! When it comes to customer support is this TRULY acceptable to any rational person. Absolutely not. Traveling to Bermuda for an event and because of my lack of confidence in the 8000 I’m taking my 5-year old SX instead of the Denon I purchased just 3 months ago.

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