MCX8000 - New controller, No Songs on USB?!


I recently bought a new MCX8000.

I successfully updated the Firmware to latest and have the latest version of Engine Prime installed on a Windows machine.

I imported all my folders (and sub-folders/tracks) from a PNY USB I have faithfully used for a number of years (256GB).

All the crates and subcrates appear when I insert the USB to my laptop and open Engine Prime. I exported all to the USB using the “Export to MCX8000” compatibility switched on (total memory usage is about 220gb of 240gb available).

Everything seems to export across to the usb - but when I plug it into the MCX8000 in standalone mode none of the crates or sub-crates appear. I cant see any Title, Genre, Crate information at all. However, if I go into the “Folder” folder, I can see a folder for each/every artist and can then select that folder, select a track and it loads with all information - BPM, length, Key etc.

Just now sure why all the crates/subcrates do not sync across when, if I look at the information on the USB drive whilst using Engine Prime - they all seem to be there in the right place.

Not sure what I am missing or what the issue might be. Any help and useful advice welcome.

Thanks in advance,


From what you say, I assume that you have the compatibility with mcx8000 enabled, what is not clear to me is if you are copying the crates to the usb and then you hit the export button, if you did not do the last thing, that is the problem, another detail so I understood you are importing and exporting the music from the same usb? I have never done it but I suppose it will give problems, you should have all your music on another device and export to one that is empty, I hope you solve

greetings and excuse my english

Hi El_Corsario,

Thanks for the reply. I do have the compatibility with MCX8000 enabled.

I have two 256gb usb’s. So I copied all my folders from one into Engine Prime, created the crates etc and then exported to my other 256gb (which I had emptied). Interestingly, when I put my other (full) usb into the MCX8000 I can go in an see all the folders/sub folders. Hmmm.

So should the process be:

  1. Use Sync from my USB1 (full) into Engine Prime
  2. Enable MCX8000 compatibility
  3. Sync back to USB2 (Empty)

Also - should Sync-ing into Engine Prime from a USB automatically create Crates/Sub-crates as per the folder structure on the USB? I ask because I couldn’t see a way of importing en mass. I literally spent 2 days importing each folder into Engine Prime. I suspect that was a hug waste of my time, but I couldn’t see a way of doing it automatically. Any help there gratefully received as well!

Cheers, AB

  1. Drag and Drop from Source to EP collection tab
  2. Do not remove source drive
  3. Select crate or tracks
  4. Drag and Drop to destination drive

Are you using this button to export your tracks?

Hi @mufasa

you forgot step 5 export to mcx8000

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Thanks everyone! I went back to basics and worked it out. I was, indeed, being dense and not clicking on export to MCX8000!

Super helpful of everyone. Appreciate the help.



It shouldn’t matter but PNY is to quality what McDonald’s is to a 5*star dining experience - utter crap. Save the pny for carrying PDFs and Word documents around - try a nice Sandisk

Also read up on “mcx8000” compatibility mode or indicator column on Engine Prime. It shows what format of tracks WILL work and what format WONT work on an mcx8000. There’s not many different formats which will work on 8000

Thanks for the reply. All sorted and working. Cheers

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