MCX8000 first steps

I got one of this a few days ago and I’m thrilled with my purchased. Very good built quality and performance. Thought it’s a little bit tricky to set it up. I am using windows 10 and this is what it has worked for me.

First, go to denondj website and download the latest firmware and versions of engine prime, go to serato website and download the latest version of serato djpro. Install engine prime and serato and update your MCX8000 following the instructions.

To use it in standalone mode you have to create a crate and/or playlist in engine prime then drag them into your usb (inside engine prime) and then click ''export to MCX8000". Your USB is ready, but keep in mind not all features are available in standalone mode. Although, most of them are.

To be able to listen the effects using headphones the volume of the line channel your playing your song needs to be up as FX’s are post fader.

The only disadvantages of this product are the size and weight. Even so, its great.

Thanks … sure other MCX8000 users will find this helpful.

Additional tip: In Engine Prime, under Settings, on the Library tab, under the header SUPPORT, be sure to set Enable MCX8000 Compatibility to ON

My three cents as usual.

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