Mcx8000 Djay Pro & ipad


Do any of you know if it is possible to connect an ipad to an MCX8000 using Djay Pro 2? If so what hardware do I need? I have seen a few YouTybe videos showing you need an Apple LIghtning to USB3 Camera dongle. If that is all I need - do I just connect up the controller, through the dongle to the ipad and then select midi from the settings in Djay Pro? Should it automatically then pick up it is an MCX8000?

Any help would be great.

Thanks. AB

:+1: yes that’s all you have to do

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Hi Wyley1,

Is the app supposed to automatically ask if i want to map the MXC8000? At the moment if i got to select midi it shows Denon MCX8000, Denon MCX8000 Left Display and Denon MCX8000 Right Display…BUT…nothing is mapped other than the cross fader…nothing else works.

Do have to go through and switch everything to Midi-Out manually?

Any help would be great


You probably will have to map it but try looking for the mc7000 mapping I think the MIDI is the same

Actually there is a mapping for the mcx8000 on iOS. You should go to the algoriddim’s forms to find out how to set it up.

Thanks mate. I went to that page before, but when I click on the MCX8000 link just goes to a page on Amazon to buy controllers. I have sent a message to Algoriddim forums to see if anyone else can help. Thanks for your help though.

Go on their forums.

I use the akai amx (not on the list) with my iPad and I can’t remember what I did to get it working other than going to their forums.

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