Mcx 8000 songs format

I got mp3 songs I put on a usb and when I plug them into mcx8000 they won’t load. Help plz

Within mp3 there are different “levels” of mp3 such as the bitrate etc

In older Engine Prime 1.6 and lower, there’s an mcx8000 compatibility mode which you can activate, which will warn you which tracks won’t work on the mcx, when you export those tracks to a usb drive for mcx

Because they are not in a compatible format, probably 48khz files.

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What’s up @ZackBuck27,

As mentioned by @Nitebeatz and @SlayForMoney, not all mp3’s are MCX compatible. It’s best to first run your library through Engine DJ to see what passes.

Engine 1.6.1 was that last MCX compatible version that would analyze your files to make sure that they are MCX playable. You can still download it and MCX firmware updates from the link below.

Good luck!