MCX 8000 / Serato DJ Pro - Cue lags + Wave lags + Sound lags

Hi together,

I am having issues with cue point lags, waveform lags and soundlags while playing on the MCX 8000. Hitting a cue point, the sound breaks for parts of a second, the waveform shows nothing for that beat-time, and I can repeat that multiple times with different cues.

  • Firmwares und versions are latest and up to date
  • issue is the same on hardware cue buttons and software cue buttons
  • buffer adjustments have no result on the issue
  • issues stays the same on PC or notebook - both state of the art Win10, i7, 8GB RAM, SSD Drive, USB 3.1 and Win 10, i5, 32GB RAM, SSD Drive, USB 3.1
  • played on the MC4000 for 2 years without having this issue

I would be glad getting some hints or ideas.


Big huge question

Is this whole using the 8000 as a mere DJ software controller with a laptop Or as a really standalone DJ equipment with no laptop

If it’s all with laptop then try copying some of those laggy files out to a really good usb 2 (not usb 3… the 8000 was made before usb 3 came and usb 3 backward compatibility is a myth on usb drives .

Try those songs from the great usb flash drive straight into the 8000 and see if they still lag

try adjusting the latency settings in serato dj pro.

uncheck hi-res display in settings

and dont forget the usual pc optimisation guide

you can also try a different waveform view eg vertical

See the topic :grimacing:

Thank you for the replies and hints to some “must haves” like the optimization. I did all the necessary steps. Unfortunately it doesnt bring a change.

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  • You are right, the USB 3.1 was a mistake. I thought it was my 3.1 port, but it wasn’t. 3.1 doesn’t work for the MCX8000. The driver doesn’t even recognize that it is connected.

  • The USB drive solution works fine. No lags at all during using engine. But this is not what i want.


  • The USB buffer is driven by the Denon driver. Changing the values doesn’t bring an audio-visual change, improvement or worsening.

Due to the situation that the issue is replicable on both computers, I have the suspicion that this is a driver/software issue.

I will check for some upates for my USB drivers of the computers, maybe there is something outdated.

Happy to hear more of you guys.

Thanks and best regards from Hamburg, Germany

It’s fine that you want a laptop still connected. I was only suggesting the usb stick idea as a way of seeing if the problem showed itself in all modes of operation. As the usb stick files don’t give lag, then it’s the laptop and or dj software giving adding the lagging issues to your performance.

The test doesn’t cure your lag issues but it gives you a direction to look in - what’s causing lag on the laptop

Adjust the latency in the MCX utilities menu.

See if that helps

And also try changing the wave to vertical in serato. Your PC is doing heavy work rendering that long waves in your current view and also pushing waveform to the MCX, compared to the 4000

I changed the latency in both directions higher / lower, without any changes (not worse/not better).

I changed to vertical / horizontal, 2 decks to 4 decks and back to 2 decks.

Same issue with different songs, also after deleting and re-analysing the song.

I am nearly secure that this is a driver / software issue. By the way, neither Roll nor Slicer causes any issues like that. Both features run properly fluid, I can tap within the loops and beats without issues. Also the waveform is rebuild without any visual breaks or delays.

I mean, I am not having a “super machine” but a good computer. One or two songs shouldnt bring the computer to the situation that pre-rendered/loaded data is not available in time. There is something wrong and I hoped someone else had this before.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

I sent a support request to Serato and I will see what they say.

Yeah most likely a driver issue.

Serato and Windows historically have never been a happy couple.

but VirtualDJ and Windows are best Frends

Du kannst VDJ 2020 kostenlos ohne Einschrenkungen für 10min Nutzen MCX 8000 wird Plug and Play unterstützt. Es könnte natürlich auch eine Treiber Problem sein was zeigt Latencymon an

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Now that is a happy marriage with a dozen kids :smiley_cat:


Thank you, I guess you are just kdding about the VDJ option. :wink:

I sent a request to Serato and we’ll see what they say. If someone has some new ideas, feel free letting me know.

Thx mates

Thank you for mentioning the opportunities and options with VDJ.

But honestly, I pointed on a specific issue with Serato and the MCX 8000. I thought, this would imply that I am not looking for a different software for another 300 USD.

Thank you, but I am looking for a solution on this specific topic, including a further usage of Serato and the MCX 8000.

This is the classic Serato and Windows 10 issue. There are so many threads about it on Serato forums.

If you must use windows for DJing, then use Windows 7. Either buy another laptop for dedicated DJ use and build with Win7. Or, install Windows 7 on your current laptop in another partition so its a dual Boot. Win 7 is super stable. Been using mine for 2.5yrs now and not had 1 single issue. The current Serato 2.3.2 works a dream.